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Everything You Need to Know About Address & Tax ID Updates

As the sages have often told us, life is change. Even the busiest practices may need to change contact information, addresses, names, tax ID, and/or NPI numbers at some point. Acupuncturists should inform their biller and insurance companies of these changes as soon as possible to prevent:

  • Rejected claims
  • Delays in claims processing and payment
  • Claims processing as out of network
  • Incorrect 1099 information at the end of the year
  • Inaccurate benefit information and more…

Ideally, you should notify insurance carriers at least 60-90 days before updates take place. Read your network contracts carefully regarding update agreements.

Each insurance company requires a different processing time to update their system. While some companies take only 7-10 business days, others take up to 3 months. To complicate matters further, the process of backdating the effective date is often limited to a certain number of weeks or months. Even then, there’s no guarantee that claims will go smoothly.


To avoid billing trouble, let us know right away when making changes to your practice. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

Did you know?

Our sister company Alchemy Credentialing offers complete insurance updating assistance for your practice. It’s true!

Accurate, affordable, and timely, Alchemy’s Update services include:

  • Notification of all contracted carriers, and those currently being billed
  • Completion of necessary forms and request letters
  • Faxing, filing, and emailing forms according to carrier procedures
  • Email correspondence for questions, troubleshooting, advice, and more!

Life is change. Stay ahead of the game! Begin planning your updates as early as possible to ensure a smooth transition.

NOTE: All Acubiller clients are required to use these services for any demographics changes and will receive a special discount when they sign up!

*For pricing and further details, contact Alchemy Credentialing today!