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About Eliza & the Acubiller Team

The story of Acubiller began in 2010, when BFFs Eliza McBryde and Kim Knight MAcOM LAc, stumbled upon a mystery so great that it would forever change the course of their lives. Kim had just been seriously burned by her biller, and wanted someone, ANYONE, to tell her the name of a competent biller for her busy acupuncture practice. But alas, in those dark days no one could find such a name… was there anyone who could right this terrible wrong?

Why yes, there was, thankyouverymuch.

Today, acupuncturists across the country know that Acubiller is the best kept billing secret around. Fueled by the trust, satisfaction, and word-of-mouth of our amazing clients, we’ve grown grassroots-style over the years, transforming from a one-woman operation into a multiple-employee thriving business! Small but sassy, our mission is to make you happy, get you paid, and let you focus on what you love: your patients.

Our Core Values

Inspired Service. You didn’t get into healthcare to spend your time billing, did you? Well, we did! Believe it or not, we’re the wonderfully weird kind of people who don’t mind a bit of paperwork, get obsessive when it comes to filing forms, and embrace the term “control freak” like a badge of honor. It takes this type of person to really get billing right. Our motto is “Exceed! Exceed!” and nothing gives us a bigger kick than figuring out how to impress you and make your life easier.

Empowered Attitudes. Our fiercely fun team actually enjoys fighting and mediating with those pesky insurance companies. We are the most successful at getting your stubborn claims paid because we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves, dig in our heels, and hold on with both hands until victory is ours!

Dedicated Hearts. We know being an acupuncturist is hard work, so we work tirelessly to provide you with friendly, professional service day in and day out. Our dedicated staff works hard for you because each and every one of them is committed to ensuring that the profession thrives. All of our employees get acupuncture, love acupuncture, support acupuncture.

Committed Community. We’re a woman-owned, family style Portlandia business, which means we’re quirky & funny, and we like it that way! We support each other when times are hard, and rejoice when we succeed.

Let our service become your success. Contact Eliza today and get started!